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Friendship 729 40H Preglued

    * High speed inverted rubber    * Fast spinning    * Special air cell sponge    * No glue needed!    * Quick attack and Loop    * For initializing attack    * ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved Specifications:    *      

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    * High speed inverted rubber
    * Fast spinning
    * Special air cell sponge
    * No glue needed!
    * Quick attack and Loop
    * For initializing attack
    * ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

    *       Speed: 12
    *       Spin: 10
    *       Control: 10
    *       Deception: 0
    *       Sponge: special air sponge

NEW Quick Stick (rapid attachment system).  Just remove the protective backing on the sponge and press to the blade, no more messy glue. Adhesive back will not harm wood grain.

Hybrid the Euro style rubber with traditional Chinese rubber and you get the 40 series. They have a relatively sticky surface for the traditional Chinese compact loop, but also have the ability to generate tremendous mechanical spin to support Euro style loop. Very reactive rubber with Characteristics that support attack style play.

Medium 42-45'