Kokutaku Tuple 007 Taiwan Non-Tacky European Style Maximize

Kokutaku Tuple 007 Taiwan Non-Tacky European Style

Speed: 12

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Speed: 12
Spin: 10.5
Control: 10
Sponge Hardness: soft
Sponge Thickness: Max/2.2

- Kokutaku Tuple 007 Taiwan Rubber
- Non tacky version of 007 Taiwan
- Kokutaku Tuple 007 Taiwan is a new type of non-tacky explosion professional table tennis rubber with sponge.
- Developed by Tianjin Tuttle International under the guide of table tennis experts in Japan
- It uses natural rubber and adopted the World's most advanced pimples structure and rubber surface treatment technology, producing strong spin, fast speed, and ideal steadiness
- When combined with DESERT STORM sponge, can further reveal the product's style and characters, obtaining the fast speed plus perfect spins
- ITTF Approved