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DianChi Oil Booster

DianChi Oil (Chinese 典馳 典驰 油) is the best tuner now.It is used by a lot of the top players, Ma Long, Hao Shuai, Li

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DianChi Oil (Chinese 典馳 典驰 油) is the best tuner now.
It is used by a lot of the top players, Ma Long, Hao Shuai, Li XiaoXia, Guo Yan etc, even Timo Boll use Dianchi!!!

Very durable, ~ 1 months
VOC level < 2ppm


Method of usage:

New Rubber:

Chinese rubbers:

Step 1:
Pretuned: e.g. Neo Hurricane, please REMOVE/PEEL off the original tuning layer from back of the sponge.

Step 2:
Apply water glue, e.g. Dianchi water glue, 4 layers, each layer should let air dry (glue turn from white to transparent) before the next layer. You can use air dryer to help.

If your glue is thicker than Dianchi, then please use less layers e.g. 2 layer

Step 3:
Apply DianChi Oil evenly on back of sponge, (don't need to be very thick)
Wait until the oil completely suck into the sponge. No liquid or shiny layer appeared.
Repeat 4 times for traditional Chinese rubber,
For German/Japanese rubbers, repeat 2 times

Step 4:
Keep in dry clean condition for 6 days.

Step 5:
After 6 days, apply one layer of water glue on blade.
Then you can put the rubber and blade together.

Retuning :
If rubber has NOT been tuned with Dianchi Oil please follow new rubber tuning method.

Dianchi oil can last for ~ 1 month for each tuning. Need retuning if you feel the effect has diminished.

Step 1:
After peeling rubber from blade, apply 1 layer of Dianchi directly on sponge. You don't need to remove the old glue layer.

Step 2:
let dry for 1 night ~ 10 hours

Step 3:
apply water glue on blade , then you can put them together.

Importance Reminder:
Must let the oil layer dry completely before stick to blade!

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